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Testimonials (published Google reviews)
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"We hired Justine and Jay for a private sound bath ceremony. They were absolutely incredible and exceeded all our expectations. They were both kind, professional, and had calm, peaceful energies that infused our session with ease and enjoyment. I recommend them whole heartedly. The entire process of booking, arranging, payment etc., was seamless and enjoyable. Thank you Justine and Jay for everything!" - Amanda W. 

"Justine and Jay's Sitar and Didgeridoo sound bath is such good medicine for when I am feeling overwhelmed, stuck, stressed or disconnected. 90 minutes does me good for months! I went recently with my family and everyone came away with a different take on the experience - each one amazing in it's own way. Whether you release, rest, sleep, cry, or just relax and listen to an eclectic music jam - you can't go wrong in the safe circle Justine and Jay provide. Just love the whole vibe!!" - Noelle B.

"As we lay back and relax, a quartz singing bowl engages listeners and the digeridoo begins and you hear it around you, near you and then on you. The vibrations from both the conduit and the player ignite every cell in your human body as your soul begins to fly. There are many sounds lifting you and everyone around you. The journey your mind finds with every ring and tone is individual but you’ll find there was a collective in the space and throughout the voyage you’ve embarked on, together. Jay and Justine are exceptional beings. I learn something in their presence, and I am forever grateful for their guidance and how selfless they are in bringing the community together and sharing in abundance." - Valerie H.

"Magical experiences created here! Justine and Jay facilitate amazing sessions creating an incredibly safe space for you to create, heal, grow or whatever you are looking to receive from this sound experience." - Angela G.

"I had an incredible private sound session with Justine. Previously I had experienced a semi-private (also amazing!). As soon as I arrive I feel so safe and well taken care of. Justine has many skills and tools that she utilizes throughout the session. These are powerful healing sessions and I received exactly what I needed. I felt so cleansed after it and my vitality returned. The yurt is a beautiful container for healing. Cannot say enough great things about this experience and Justine! Will be booking another session for sure." - Elaine O.


"A very moving experience to say the least. Justine and Jay are such amazing people who are passionate about what they do. It was absolutely amazing!!" - Phil D.

"What a fantastic experience from booking to the completion of our sound bath time. The five of us all want to come back and to book in for a private healing session. Justine and Jay are beautiful talented souls! See you again!" - Karen A.

"I had a private sound healing with Justine and it was absolutely fantastic. I wasn't sure what to expect, I've only once had a sound bath as part of a yoga class. This was absolutely amazing, at times it felt like there were three people in the room by the way she used all the instruments in harmony. I would highly recommend anyone considering this and look forward to coming to Collingwood again in the future for another session. Thank you Justine!" - Brianna N.

"Jay and Justine have created a beautiful, calm and safe space for all who come. Their wide range of class offerings appeal to many who are on the path. Justine and Jay are beautiful and loving souls." - Jan S.

"Very professional experience and great communication. Amazing and unique meditative experience that my entire group enjoyed." - Mary M.

"A magical place. It has helped me to heal, grow as an individual and meet some amazing people in the community. I leave a better person every time." - Wayne S.

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