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Embark on a highly transformative 3-day Sound Immersion Training : A Deep Dive into Sound Bath Artistry with Justine Sanderson and Jay Robinson at Lotus Sound and step into your role as a grounded and intuitive sound practitioner.


Our training weekend guarantees to inspire, inviting you deeper within a world of sonic exploration and intentional vibration while building the confidence and experience to empower you on your sound healing journey for years to come.


Each student will be provided with a Gong, Mallets, Singing Bowls and so much more for use in the studio for the course of this training. All instruments are provided for participants by Lotus Sound.



August 02/03/04


November 15/16/17



Private group Sound Bath with Justine and Jay.


One-on-one client sound training and group sound bath facilitation training sessions.


Opportunity for all attendees to facilitate a sound bath for the group.


Exposure to over 15 different planetary, chau and wind gongs, planetary crystal, himalayan and practitioner singing bowls, dozens of mallet styles, therapeutic and holistic tuning forks, wave and ocean drums, percussion and many instruments from around the world.


Music theory 101 (basic western + indian classical elements) and how to apply it to take the intention of your sessions to the next level.

Learn best practices when curating your sound bath setup.


Q&A and insight sessions.


Vocal warmups, toning and listening exercises.

Learn to improvise and play with others in a duo and group setting.


Study different frequencies using inspiring examples and interactive listening techniques.

Explore rhythm and it's affects through a guided group percussion session.


Learn what to look for, what to avoid and where to go when purchasing sound healing instruments.


Sound Bath Artistry Level 1 certificate and detailed handbook. 

Is this Training for Me?:


If you are an aspiring or experienced sound facilitator, passionate about sound healing, comfortable with transformation, open-minded and curious, this training is for you.


If you are interested in adding sound to enhance your current practice, for yourself and/or for your clients, this training is for you.


If you are just starting on your journey with sound and are looking for guidance and a supportive environment with passionate and experienced facilitators, this training is for you.


The Experience:

Seasoned sound bath practitioners Justine and Jay, with a wealth of real world first-hand experience, will introduce many effective, and time-proven techniques in sound bath artistry. We will deep dive on sound as a modality and practice, sharing insights that transcend the conventional and inspire the home practitioner and professional facilitator alike.


The goal for this training is not just on acquiring knowledge, but on actively teaching and sharing the profoundly potent and subtle art of intentional meditative sound. Participants will gain firsthand experience playing on, with, and for each other in a nurturing, inspiring and fun environment in our beautiful downtown Collingwood studio.

Join us and partake in the time less tradition and sharing of the holistic practice of intentional sound and help to contribute to your wellness and the wellness of those you love. The gift of sound is accessible to all of us. Embrace your gift and then share it with the world!


The Journey:

This isn't just a training; it's a journey into the ancient and contemporary dimensions of sound. Participants will not only learn the art of playing these instruments but will also delve into the history and science behind the transformative power of sound vibrations.


Uncover the synergy between ancient wisdom and modern research, creating a comprehensive and supportive foundation for your sonic journey.

We will expand our awareness of sound and frequency through the study of live Cymatic examples and gain a visual insight into how certain frequencies, including our own voices, can have a physical impact of water bodies (like ours!)

Lasting Impressions:

By the end of the 3 days, you will possess the skills and confidence to initiate your own foray into the immensely beneficial world of sound facilitation. Whether envisioning immersive sound experiences, leading workshops, or establishing a personal sound practice, this training equips you with the tools to turn aspirations into reality.

Join us as we strengthen our ancient connection to sound and music, enrich our minds through modern insights on the benefits of intentional sound, and experience using sound to communicate, transform, sooth, calm and inspire growth in others through experiential hands-on training during our 3 days together.

All participants will receive a detailed training handbook and a

Sound Bath Artistry Level 1 Certificate.

Elevate your understanding of sound and become a beacon of transformative vibration for yourself and others. Your journey into the world of sonic exploration awaits!


"I would 100% recommend this course. Jay and Justine have a wealth of knowledge and experience with instruments and all things sound baths. I found, this course far exceeded my expectations, Jay and Justine as humans, are absolutely wonderful and make it such a safe and sacred space to learn. Naturally, attracting the most wonderful group of souls to learn with. I felt so connected and safe to push myself out of my comfort zone in the environment Jay and Justine created. I am so thankful I was able to be a part of such a wonderful course, I can't thank you enough and I feel well prepared with all the information needed and experience having used an expansive inventory of various instruments. Great course all around, I could go on!"


"I came into this with no former experience of attending a sound bath and felt completely supported and encouraged to explore the art of sound healing. I am forever grateful for the inspiring group and amazing facilitation that was so deeply rooted in love for this art form and belief in it's power."


"Jay and Justine offer an exceptional Sound Bath Artistry training! Their depth of experience, passion, and level of mastery within the world of sound is outstanding. It is a real gift to be under their guidance within this area."


"It was a very insightful training. Lots of information, wish we had more time! The way Justine & Jay share their passion for music and helping others is felt. Looking forward to putting in practice what was taught and learning more on the subjects we started scratching the surface of. Would recommend this training with them to any beginners looking to learn more about sound bath artistry!"

Your Sound Guides:

Justine Sanderson and Jay Robinson have facilitated over 750 transformative sound bath sessions to date. With decades of experience studying western and eastern music theory, their Sound Baths are crafted with the utmost positive and heart-centered intention, providing a unique and powerful experience for each attendee.


2024 will mark the 6th year of Sunday morning "Singing Bowls in the Park" which is a free community sound meditation event Justine and Jay have spearheaded since 2017 at Awen Gathering Place in Collingwood.

Having travelled all over Ontario, Justine and Jay have providied sound baths and presentations for Elementary and Secondary Schools with the Simcoe County District School Board, Mohawk College, the Town of Collingwood, the Town of Wasaga Beach, and numerous Wellness Retreats and Yoga Studios. 


Jay and Justine were spotlighted for a recent study by Dr. Stacey Bliss in-cooperation with the University of Regina and  called “Toward a Sound Pedagogy: A Sonic and Performative Ethnography of Sound Healers in Canada”. This study was focused on the experience, practices and interconnections gong players and sound healers have with their communities across the different provinces in Canada. Sound Bath footage and interview is viewable on YouTube here.


Justine, a born and raised Collingwood native (6th generation), is a Sound Healing and Therapy 1-year (intensive) Certificate Program graduate (Globe Institute San Francisco) and holds certifications as a Reiki Master, Life Coach, and Kids Yoga Instructor.


With thousands of clients helped, Justine's expertise in sound and music has enabled her to guide individuals in shifting from self-consciousness to sound-consciousness through private sessions and sound baths. Justine assists her clients in establishing solid foundations for personal growth and happiness and an increase in grounded awareness of Self.


Jay, also born and raised in Collingwood, is a professional musician with over 30 years of performance and teaching experience. He is a Certified Meditation Teacher and currently studying Indian Classical Music and Theory for Sitar and Tabla.


Together, Justine and Jay's combined musical and sound meditation experience spans over 50 years, culminating in the current evolution of each sound bath at Lotus Sound and beyond.

Justine and Jay have released many meditative sound albums

including 2021's "Lotus Sound II"

 To listen click here.

Outline of itinerary:

Day 1:



6:00 PM - 9:00 PM:

Registration and Welcome

Instrument Introductions

Gong Strokes & Techniques

Sound Bath with Justine and Jay​

Group Discussion and Q&A​


Day 2:



9:00 AM - 12:00 PM:

One-on-One Client Sound Training​

Group Sound Bath Facilitation Training Pt 1​


1:00 PM - 5:30 PM:

Group Sound Bath Facilitation Training Pt 2

Music Theory (basic)​ 

Music Theory (sound bath applications)


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM:

Sound Healing Instrument Buying 101

End of Day Group Play Sound Meditation​

Q&A, insights and closing mantra



Day 3:



9:00 AM - 12:00 PM:

Vocal Warmups and Toning

Study of Frequencies and Sound Waves

Information Session on Best Practices and Common Industry Myths


1:00 PM - 4:00 PM:

Group Sound Bath Practice​ & Facilitation

Q&A, insights and final thoughts.

Closing Ceremony and Certificate Distribution​


Note: The schedule is flexible and may be adjusted based on the group's needs and dynamics.


Are the instruments being provided ours to keep after the training?


All instruments are provided for participants for the course of the training weekend only.

Are the instruments being used in the training available for purchase?

None of the instruments being used in the training will be available for purchase. In doing so, we can direct 100% of our energy on sharing as much knowledge, experience and detail with you as possible during our time together.


We will be leading a mini-workshop as a component of this 3-Day immersion in which we will learn what to look for, what to avoid and also recommend dealers/shops to connect with when purchasing sound healing instruments. We will also deep dive common theories and misconceptions across a number of instrument topics to help you make informed decisions when purchasing instruments in the future.


We've got a lot of experience here and we are happy to share!


Do you offer a payment plan for this training?

Absolutely. We are happy to offer a convenient 2x payment (1/2 now and 1/2 in 4 weeks) payment plan for this training.  Click here to register with 2 easy payments.

Please note that completing the payment plan form does not claim your spot for the training. The certificate code you receive upon completing your initial payment must be used to complete the registration for the training.

Can I bring my own instrument to the training?

For this training each student will be supplied a Gong, Mallets, Singing Bowls, Frame Drum and many more sonic tools for use in the studio throughout the weekend.


We kindly request that you leave your instruments at home and fully open to the experience and opportunity to embrace new and exciting tones and connections as we share in the moment and the opportunity to explore both as a group and individually. 

This will also be a huge benefit as it will give us the ability to curate the instrumentation to reflect specific intentions and vibrational combinations due to our familiarity with the instruments on hand.


All instruments are provided for participants by Lotus Sound. We've got you covered!

Are meals or lodging included in the price?

This 3-day training does NOT include lodging, meals or transportation. These arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the student.


Our downtown studio is literally steps away from over a dozen of Collingwood's best restaurants and coffee shops. A list of restaurant recommendations and local hotspots will be included in the pre-training material you will receive in advance of the session.

Participants are also welcome to bring meals/snacks and hang at the studio during breaks.

I would be travelling for the training. Are you able to recommend lodging  in the area?

Yes! There are a few options we are happy to share (in order of min-max cost)

1) The Mariner Hotel

(15 min. walk / 3 min. by car)

2) The Comfort Inn

(23 min. walk / 4 min. by car)

3) Holiday Inn Express

(27 min. walk / 5 min. by car)


4) The Dorchester Hotel  

(3 min. walk / no need to drive)

Click here  for a Google maps link to view hotels and lodging in the area.

Can I gift this training to someone?

Yes you can! Here are a few ways to gift this training to someone:

1) Simply complete the registration and put your email address and their name. Forward them the correspondence when it aligns for your gift giving intention.


2) If you would like them to receive the confirmation email immediately (no surprises here!) simply complete the entire registration on their behalf.

3) If you are choosing the 2x payment plan, simply complete the payment plan form and send (or print) the certificate. You may then gift the printable/emailed certificate.


Please note that completing the payment plan form does not claim your spot for the training. The certificate code you receive after completing your initial payment must be used to complete the registration for the training.

Where is the training taking place?

The training will be taking place at Lotus Sound in downtown Collingwood. This is an old dance hall with beautiful acoustics and a warm and open atmosphere with a high ceiling.


Please note that Lotus Sound is on the 2nd floor and is only accessible by stair case.

I am interested in this training but was wondering if you could save a spot for me until I can confirm?

We are unable to save spots for this training. But not to worry! If this particular training session doesn't align, we will be hosting more. Be sure to subscribe to our email list at the bottom of our home page and be the first to know when future trainings are announced.


Is this training available as an online offering?


We do not have plans to offer online options at this time.


We will be participating in a lot of hands on and experiential training during our time together and looking at how best to incorporate future trainings as hybrid web/in-person offerings is on our agenda.


What ages are suitable for this training? 


Our training is designed for anyone 18 and up.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Out of respect to our facilitators and the time and energy that will be put into this training, as well as the few available spots, refunds are not possible and all sales are final. If you need to cancel, you are welcome to contact us and transfer your spot to a friend to attend in your place.

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