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Experience the profound benefits of personalized sound session with Justine Sanderson at Lotus Sound.


Justine is a lifelong resident of Collingwood and a seasoned Sound Practitioner with a deep connection to the vibrational arts. Whether you seek relief from stress, a boost in vitality, or a deeper spiritual connection, Justine's private sessions offer a transformative journey through sound.


With over 1000 clients helped, Justine's expertise in sound and music has enabled her to guide individuals in shifting from what she calls self-consciousness to sound-consciousness. Inviting each client to have a real empirical experience of ONENESS and to literally feel a connection with the vibrating web of all life. 

Each session is unique and tailored to your individual energetic needs with sound tools such as Didgeridoo, Singing Bowls, Crystal Pyramid, Gongs and more.

Sound is a physical thing, and we can use it to effect great change! 

$111+HST Private /

$160+HST Semi-private 60 minute session

Book your private or semi-private sound session with Justine at our spacious and acoustically rich studio space in Downtown Collingwood.


Please note that Justine's availability is limited.

All currently available dates and times are listed on our booking page.


Payment is required upon booking.

All sessions take place at Lotus Sound.

Benefits of a Private Sound Session with Justine:

Reduction of Anxiety and Stress

Alleviation of Nervousness and Overthinking

Diminished Insecurities and Enhanced Self-Esteem

Increased Vitality and Overall Energy

Improved Health and Well-being

Strengthened Connection to Inner Source and Spirituality

Balanced and Grounded Emotional State

Deepened Relaxation and Inner Peace

Radiant Glow from Within and Improved Inner Harmony


"I just had a sound healing session with Justine and it was a remarkable experience. It was very meditative and peaceful, and I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. Justine was very welcoming, peaceful and grounded. I felt in very capable hands as she went through all the various relaxing instruments in her very peaceful and beautiful space. I will be going again!" - Myke H.

"I had a private sound healing with Justine and it was absolutely fantastic. I wasn't sure what to expect, I've only once had a sound bath as part of a yoga class. When I mentioned I was coming for a sound healing to the staff at the local spiritual shop they raved about Justine, and I can see why. This was absolutely amazing, at times it felt like there were three people in the room by the way she used all the instruments in harmony. She explained really well at the beginning what to expect and options for proceeding to ensure I was very comfortable. I was also very comfortable with the pillows and blankets used since your body does cool down when in a deep relaxed state. I would highly recommend anyone considering this and look forward to coming to Collingwood again in the future for another session. Thank you Justine!" - Brianna N.

"I had an incredible private sound healing session with Justine. Previously I had experienced a semi-private (also amazing!). As soon as I arrive I feel so safe and well taken care of. Justine has many skills and tools that she utilizes throughout the session. These are powerful healing sessions and I received exactly what I needed. I felt so cleansed after it and my vitality returned. Cannot say enough great things about this experience and Justine! Will be booking another session for sure." - Elaine O.


I see availability on the scheduling page but can I pick a different day or time?

Justine is offering only a select few of these private sound sessions per month. She is not available for private sessions outside of the availability listed on our scheduling page here.

Do I need to bring anything?

Wear comfortable clothing and bring water in a re-usable container for private  sessions. While you are welcome to bring your own, all cushions, yoga mats, blankets and bolsters supplied for your comfort. We've got you covered!

Can I gift a private group sound session to someone?

We are not offering gift certificates for this offering at this time but you are most welcome to book a session for them through our online booking system here.


Please note that Lotus Sound is on the 2nd floor and is only accessible by stair case.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

With respect to the time and energy put into organizing each session, cancellations with less than 48 hours notice and/or no shows are not eligible for refunds or rescheduling.


Refunds and rescheduling are permitted up until only 48 hours in advance of this session. Payment is required in full upon booking.

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